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An Easy Introduction to Love Triangles (To Pass the Exam!)

JP: 合格のための!やさしい三角関係入門 (Goukaku no Tame no! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon)

Author: Canno

Tags: Comedy, Drama, Kissing, Love Triangle, Polyamory, School Girls

What is it about?

Mayuki is a middle school student preparing for her high school entrance examinations. Despite being a below average student, she is dead set on getting into the prestigious Ohtomo High School so that she can be reunited with Akira, her beloved senpai from Basketball Club. Trouble ensues after the apple of Akira's eye, Rin, is hired to be Mayuki's private tutor.


*some minor spoilers*

Love Triangles is a short and sweet romantic drama that accomplishes something that few other stories in the genre do: a respectful and earnest depiction of a poly relationship. Some of its strongest merits are in its thematic focus on how romantic love can take different forms in different relationships, even for the same person; and that these relationships can instead be cherished rather than foregone entirely in search of the traditional ‘one true love’. While the story has strong convictions, it loses some of its strength in the later chapters as not enough time or focus is given to inspecting the feelings that Akira has for Mayuki, and to the same effect, the premature climax of the story prevents a closer look at Rin’s feelings for Akira. For a story that is so focused on the complicated and maturing emotions that teens feel surrounding love, it seemingly undermines itself suggesting that in the span of a couple days three 15-16 year old girls could develop the emotional maturity to steer the course of a total blowout into a successful polycule; all with minimal communication between the three of them. That said if you are willing to suspend your disbelief, you’ll be spoiled by a light-hearted adventure, some juicebox symbolism, and scenes that will make your heart gush.

On the visual front, the character art is pretty and the paneling is superb; the background art however leaves a little to be desired.

Final Thoughts

Love Triangles is a fun ride with a couple quirks that prevent it from being excellent. If you like interpersonal character drama, light taboos (kissing your math tutor), and soft, thoughtful, romantic drama; Love Triangles is a treat that you shouldn’t miss.

Yuri Score: Level 3 - Definitive Yuri

Overall Score: 7/10

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