Welcome to Yuri Aquarium!

Please read this first!

This site is still being built. The purpose of Yuri Aquarium is to be a yuri Manga/Anime review site with links, reviews, and articles.

An explanation of the Yuri Scale

On all of my reviews we will include a "Yuri Level" ranking which is seperate from my overall review score. The purpose of this ranking is to give the reader an idea of just how present the yuri component of a work is.

Defining Yuri

For the purposes of this rating, we will be defining yuri as a genre primarily concerned with depicting intimate (not necessarily sexual) relationships between female characters.

Defining Intimacy

Because this definition of yuri is dependent on how we parametrize intimacy, we must also define what types of intimacy we will be considering.

  • Personal intimacy as a close familiarity or friendship.
  • Physical intimacy as 'sensual proximity', touching, physical expressions of feelings, often sexual.
  • Emotional intimacy as feelings and perception of closeness, expressions of this outside of physical intimacy. Communication centered around either personal or physical intimacy.

With these definitions in place as our foundation, we can begin to construct a useful scale for determining how 'yuri' something is.

Level 0: Probably Not Yuri

  • Might include few or no female characters.
  • F/F relationships may not present or are not acknowledged.
  • If there are any F/F relationships, they do not fall under any category of intimacy.

Level 1: Light Yuri

  • Depicts one or more F/F relationships.
  • At least one of those F/F relationships falls under some category of intimacy.
  • Those relationships are not a focal point of the story.

Level 2: Moderate Yuri

  • Has one or more F/F relationships that fall under some category of intimate.
  • At least one of those relationships is a focal point of the story.

Level 3: Definitive Yuri

  • Contains one or more F/F relationships which exhibit all three categories of intimacy.
  • Those relationships are central to the story.
This spice icon will be used to denote if a work contains explicit content.